Jul 25, 2018

Like a split 7” I reviewed last issue, this recording is what’s so fucking great about punk. Anyone from anywhere can write a killer punk song. Most don’t, but once in a while, one of those “anyone”s does. Unless you’re from Flint, Mich. (and how sad that the reason we all recognize the name of this otherwise typical Midwest city is its contaminated water disaster, which is still a problem four years down the line and is still virtually ignored), you’ve probably never heard of this unfortunately named band. What we have here is one great fucking punk rock song—the title track that I listened to ten times in a row, no joke—and a few more decent ones. Chixdiggit! And GG Allin’s “NYC Tonight” are the touchstones for this gem of an ode to sucking at skating. –Chad Williams (Questionable Mono Tapes,