SOUL GLO: Songs to Yeet at the Sun: LP

I always thought Converge shows were hilarious. They’d be up there onstage, playing these songs that sounded like a bunch of stitched together mosh parts from a dozen different hardcore anthems while everyone in the audience somehow a) knew how to fingerpoint in unison despite time changes that made no objective sense, and b) sang along, even though to these ears it kinda just sounded like Jake Bannon was going “ack ack ack.” But ask any of yr. musician friends and they’ll talk about the band’s technical prowess and unbelievable chops. And, to be fair, after a few listens the underlying structure of their stuff comes to the fore, and goddamn, it’s pretty dope. I mention all this because Soul Glo’s new one might sound, initially, like the same kind of heavy riff soup and screaming. But digging deeper, the passion and anger behind Songs to Yeet at the Sun is absolutely searing and one hundred percent honest, even if your ears are unaccustomed to this stuff. Listen to this, read the lyrics. Spend time with it. Soul Glo is a tremendous band, and Songs to Yeet at the Sun picks up where their previous LP The N in Me Is Me left off. I can’t wait until I get to see these guys live. The pigpiles are going to be huge, and from the outside I’m going to look like I’m one of the “ack ack ack,” crew but I’ll be singing along with the unanswerable questions Pierce Jordan asks throughout this absolute banger’s twelve minutes. –Michael T. Fournier (Secret Voice)