SOUL GLO: DisNigga Vol. 1: EP

May 25, 2021

Three new surprise tracks that cover a lot of ground in a few short minutes. Well, hell yeah! Soul Glo kicks it off with their first full-on rap song, a noisy banger that would do Danny Brown proud. Pierce’s vocals come in with the same intensity and cadences as on the punk songs, and hit hard alongside the abrasive beat. The second song is a great example of the flailing, writhing chaotic hardcore that the band defaults to. The last song is an expansive slow build with sung vocals in Spanish by Juanchizeta. It’s moving. It also... sounds like Linkin Park, but in a way that totally works. As always, Soul Glo are an exciting and engaging band who are constantly evolving while always sounding like themselves. “No one is equal until the day we make actions, not people, illegal.” –Chris Terry (

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