SOREX: Portrait of a Prisoner: LP

Nov 22, 2017

Originally a three-song 7” released in 1985, this record features those songs, the Never Forget demo tape, plus six additional outtakes. Although this Redondo Beach, Calif. four piece only existed for a couple years, this record shows that the potential was already there. Loud, trashy, and bratty is what first comes to mind after a few spins. They would have fit in well on a triple bill with Code Of Honor and Angry Samoans. My crystal ball tells me that there was an SSD influence here as well. Okay, that’s baloney—the bassist is wearing an SSD shirt on the back and they have a song called “How We Rock” on here, twice! But the songs stand tall on their own. This is a prime slice of ‘80s punk. Long live the Rat! –Sean Koepenick (Radio Raheem,