SONGS FOR MOMS: Rivers: 12” EP

May 23, 2017

Cute, tender, and tough, Rivers channels pop punk, indie, and folky country vibes through a Bay Area queer punk lens that will make your heart skip a beat. Songs are oldies, written between 2010-2012, but recorded in 2016 and finally released this year to commemorate the band’s ten-year anniversary. It’s hard to believe they wrote these songs as mere babes. There is some seriously smart writing here, complete with interesting progressions that weave beautiful harmonies and melodies between bursts of angst, space, and odd tempo digressions that are so rad and rare. The A side has five songs, the B side a silk-screened band photo. This record is guaranteed to make you want to dance and cry simultaneously. Seriously, it’s that good. –Candace Hansen (Rumbletown)