SONGS FOR MOMS: Rivers: 12” EP

Aug 02, 2017

Songs For Moms’ dual vocalists belt with the exuberance of Good Luck and RVIVR, but this isn’t a gang vocal-laden pop punk album; the trio’s songs twist and turn and writhe vulnerably on the floor. For a five-track 12”, there’s a lot to unpack: the jaw dropping inventiveness of their unwinding arrangements (somebody please teach me the bassline to “Leap Now”); the confident, gripping melodies; the thought-provoking lyrics (“Nobody teaches you to use words like rape / that is one way that they always escape”). When they sing, “These scars are all mine / They grow bigger and more beautiful with time,” I’m always gobsmacked by the sincerity and the willingness to be exposed and empowered at once. Although the record is over too soon, Songs For Moms has crafted five tunes with an ocean’s depth. Dive in. –Sean Arenas (Rumbletowne,