May 23, 2017

Woof. Listening to this 7” was a total ear-flagellation and not something I was prepared for when I sat down to write reviews on this sunny Texas afternoon. I really don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just make a list of things that Somerset Meadows could improve for their next go-round: sticking to a solid tempo, songwriting, singing in key, writing lyrics, playing their instruments, and recording / mixing. The front cover is just a picture of a dry erase board that has “We will rock!!!” scribbled on it over and over, à la Bart Simpson but with worse handwriting. And it looks like they created the typeface for their band name in Microsoft Paint. The art on the back cover, however, is quite good, which sort of confuses me in that it’s so superior to everything else about the 7”. Pretty puzzlingly incongruous, if you ask me. I was so impressed by the back cover that I even thought about giving the EP a second listen, but alas—I couldn’t bring myself to do lower the needle again. Huh, guess I’m less of a masochist than I previously thought. –Simone Carter (Brain Genius)