SOME GIFTS: Facts?!?: CD

Jan 30, 2019

You know I don’t play indie rock so much these days. I had more of an ear for it in my twenties when I had problems that seemed really big and devastating but really weren’t problems at all. But for those moments in my youth when I pined for a girl or felt like a nobody, I was far more likely to spin some Archers Of Loaf or whatever between two hardcore or punk CDs. Something angsty and frustrated, but not exactly screaming and aggressive. Something that might be fitting for a long, pointless drive smoking clove cigarettes and moping (yes, I did), because I had all the time in the world to just drive around. The weird time signatures and melodies would be more soothing and comforting than shouting and riff, riff, riff. Now that I’m old and everything sucks, I find little time for indie rock. Just give it to me short, fast and loud. However, I’ve made a lot of time for Some Gifts. It meets all the criteria I liked in my youth: not too boring, too clean, or soft. No overly affected vocals or smarm. Hell, thinking back on indie rock, some of what I did listen to now seems hella trite. Really, how can a grown-ass man, listen to Archers Of Loaf, nodding knowingly along to lyrics like, “she’s an indie rocker/ and nothing’s gonna stop her/ and the fashion fits” without feeling shameful? Well, Some Gifts tackles real subjects: the alienation of the information age, frustration at the workplace, apathy, et cetera. It’s a perfect listen for the end of the day, when hardcore is a bit much. This record has been getting pretty heavy rotation from me. –Craven Rock (Self-released,