SOLARIZED: Thermo Dynamics of Life: CS

Sep 20, 2017

Noisy, crunchy hardcore that’s more politically aware than I’m capable of reviewing. For every banger rock track, there’s a noisy/experimental sound collage or something similar that changes the pace. I think if I had to edit this musical creation down, I’d just want to have the actual rock songs on a 7”. I’m pretty positive on the songs with guitar and drums in them, but once they move onto the freeform noise tracks, I’m less interested. That’s not to say this piece feels incohesive, because it rests together relatively well. It’s just, as a fan of shorter, concise thoughts, I can’t help but prefer the fist-pounding hardcore I have been told by this record I could have. I bet this type of audio fuckery works better in the context of a full length –Bryan Static (Self-released,