SOFT SHOULDER: Repeat #4 AKA Desert Plants and Scooter in Carport: LP

Nov 22, 2017

Captured on two sides of this record is a band jamming a song to see what works and what does not, with results to be revealed on an upcoming release. The first side, AKA “Warbled Practice” is the more conventional version, despite the varying speeds of the recording (which makes for some interesting sounds). I prefer the version on the B side, AKA “Large Group in Close Quarters.” The use of a tape machine at the beginning gives this a more immediate and urgent feel as they kick off into a repetitive zone, falling under hypnosis. The strength of the spell is sometimes tested by a skronky wonky guitar, but not enough to snap you out of it. A good thing or a bad thing? It all depends on where your sonic peccadilloes lie. Me? I want to get real gone. Real gone! –Matt Average (Alien Summer / Gilongo,