Sock-Tight is what happens when Mike Watt’s unique bass playing gets combined with visual artist Raymond Pettibon’s free-verse, stream-of-consciousness ramblings. And yes, I’m referring to that Raymond Pettibon, who did album art for Black Flag and Sonic Youth, amongst many others. He did the art for this 12”, too. In addition to the tight bass and the vocals by Pettibon, there’s drumming and interspersed saxophone, similar to stuff one might find on old Stooges releases. With song titles like “Humbucker Fucker,” “The Road to Go Slow” and “Who Tattled Told,” it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the nine songs are like if a free-jazz band that also listened to punk was fronted by a beatnik poet. However, all of these tracks were on their previous 7” releases, but there are also two additional tracks on Smudge. This is interesting work. It has a funky, weird vibe at times but I’m not sure it’s something I could listen to repeatedly. –Kurt Morris (Org,