Mar 15, 2022

Eardrum-shattering hardcore from Japan with manic co-ed vocals and melody-free guitars blazing away to the charge of a drummer hell bent on causing permanent hearing loss. Aesthetically and musically, these six songs bring to mind the ’90s when bands like Nausea (NYC) and Armistice weren’t afraid to mix a little crust influence into their raging hardcore formulas. Ugly and brash music with a sociopolitical conscious made by punks for punks, the way it fucking should be. The lyrics are translated from their original Esperanto language (a language I was not familiar with previously) to English and Japanese on a beautifully printed fold-out poster. The final song “Nigraj-vivoj Gravas” translates to “Black Lives Matter” and features these lyrics: “We solidarity (sic) with their protests. Solidarity! My silence is violence.” Fuck yeah! I’m in solidarity with Socio La Difekta! –Juan Espinosa (Beach Impediment,,