SOCIAL LIES, THE: “Fuck the Scene” b/w “Kink Boy”: 7”

Sep 16, 2021

A long-awaited release of a recording made twenty years ago from Tameka Whetstone, and punk treasure, Brontez Purnell (Younger Lovers, Gravy Train!!!!). I don’t listen to much hardcore these days so this was a perfect 7” to dip my toe back in waters. Melodic, fast, lo-fi hardcore—with vocal melodies just catchy enough to make me hooked. Tameka and Brontez each sing a song and in the liner notes, they both write really cute tributes to each other. I’m also a sucker for a genuine laugh at the end of a recording—a true testament to how much fun these two were having in this band. –Emily T. (Hovercraft,

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