SOCIAL LIES, THE: “Fuck the Scene” b/w “Kink Boy”: 7”

Sep 16, 2021

Cause célèbre/man-about-town Brontez Purnell and partner-in-crime Tameka Whetstone throw down a pair of two-piece hardcore blasts (from the past) (like twenty years ago) that sound reasonably enough like the White Stripes playing hardcore that I don’t feel entirely foolish for claiming it to be so. And, while a song like “Fuck the Scene” is highly unlikely to take your mind to any place it hasn’t been before or needs to go again, the fact that most of us age out of hardcore by about nineteen or so doesn’t mean we don’t still hafta step back and let the kids blast away when the moment so dictates. And, from a historical context, Alabama was never really known for emitting a steady stream of non-cisgendered, non-white hardcore bands, so Fuck the Scene it is. BEST SONG: “Fuck the Scene.” You know what I mean! BEST SONG TITLE: “Kink Boy.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This large hole 45 came pre-fitted with a plastic adapter. Now that’s convenience! –Rev. Nørb (Hovercraft,

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