SOCIAL LIES, THE: “Fuck the Scene” b/w “Kink Boy”: 7”

Sep 16, 2021

The Social Lies were Tameka Whetstone and Brontez Purnell’s band as teens in late ’90s, a Black punk duo from Alabama. Say that last part again! Brontez is an award-winning author and veteran zinester. I’ve been loving his hilarious and heartfelt writing for years, but this is my first time hearing his music, and I get the sense that The Social Lies are harder hitting than his other bands. These two tracks are fast, simple, and mad with chunky, heavy guitar and scream-along hooks (check the song titles to follow along with the bouncing ball). It sounds like breaking free. Or, as the liner notes say, it’s, “sloppy, uncouth and high-key offensive.” Count me in. –Chris Terry (Hovercraft,

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