SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: Everything Is Connected to Everything Else: LP/CD

Jan 21, 2022

These South Walians return with a second album of heavy duty punk rock which channels a bucket load of anger into a highly effective output. Musically, this is solid and well delivered but the highlight for me are the vocals of the wonderfully monikered Puddle. His voice is clear enough to understand yet conveys the lyrics in a way which ensures there’s no hiding the rage that produced them. Social Experiment sticks to a decent pace without veering into anything too fast, thus allowing the songs to maintain an air of menace. The guitar occasionally hits more of a post-punk sound which spreads an air of darkness to proceedings, suitable to the feel of the record. It’s a good album, worth checking out for the music and also its excellent cover art. –Rich Cocksedge (Blind Destruction, / Mas Production, [email protected], / Urinal Vinyl, / Maloka, / Break The Silence, / Deviance, / Armistice, [email protected])