SO WHAT: “Deep Freeze” b/w “Razor Blade”: 7”

Jan 30, 2019

So What thrive in the glam room of the neo-proto-punk labyrinth. Their first album was loaded with slamming, upbeat glam. This single continues the trend with two stompers. “Deep Freeze” has loads of rock’n’roll riffs played loud and shaped into an arena-sized chorus. It’s a slammer if you’re into Glamstains or think Kiss has a few really good songs. “Razor Blades” has a similar speed with a descending riff framing the chorus. You’ll want to keep up with So What if the Killed by Glam series or Giuda is your thing. If you happen to see the band live, it’d be fun to learn the words so you can attempt a big, stadium-sized singalong. It would make the band feel good. –Billups Allen (Just Add Water,