...SO THIS IS PROGRESS?: Summer 2021 Flexi / Zine 004: Flexi EP

Jan 05, 2022

Earnest and straightforward ...So This Is Progress? creates a flexi compilation of Ohio punk bands—reactive and restless to a world that has melted due to COVID and late stage capitalism—and a “how to” zine that is user friendly regardless of, well anything. DIY “how to’s” in unpretentious language, recommendations, and mentors that are open to sharing their knowledge are listed, step by step, along with band pics, advertisements/listings, and contributions, as well as a “How to Bicycle Tour on a Budget” account by someone named Nard. What I like about this most is how community-driven this is, and although I don’t know about this particular microcosm in Ohio, I felt it was inclusive by being very general and open. The flexi offers short, succinct spurts of powerviolence, hardcore, punk, doom, and thrash from local bands TV Drugs, Human Law, Stall, Locked Up, and Jack Knife Beat Down. Package deal—easy, fun read and cool flexi. –Camylle (sothisisprogress.com)

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