SNUFF: There’s a Lot of it About: LP

Dec 06, 2019

I first heard Snuff around the time when Demmamussabebonk came out (1996) when I got a copy to review for the university radio station paper I wrote for at the time. All I knew about them was they had a connection to Leatherface. One listen and I was hooked. Seeing them live that same year buried the hook even deeper and I became a lifelong fan. Twenty-three years later and I’m reviewing a new Snuff release and I couldn’t be happier. Right off the bat, it is apparent that Duncan and the lads are on their game. The songs play out like a greatest hits collection of all the different sounds and eras of a band with a damn near flawless thirty-year run. There is fast and there is funky. From relentless riffage to horns and keys, this album is Snuff at their finest. I keep thinking about a story Frankie Stubbs told me twenty years ago. When this band was brand new the members were all sitting around after practice absolutely hammered out of their skulls throwing around potential band names. It went on for hours and was going nowhere as they were getting more and more nonsensical with every round. Andy (RIP) couldn’t take it any more and shouted “ENOUGH!” at the top of his lungs. The problem was he too was wasted, and he slurred it hard. “SSNUFF!” A legend was born. There will never be enough Snuff for me! –Ty Stranglehold (Fat,