SNUFF: There’s a Lot of It About: CD

Dec 06, 2019

I thought the first few Snuff records were pretty great. Reach didn’t do a ton for me, but I followed their post-breakup doings like Guns ‘n’ Wankers up through the mid-’90s. I lost interest when the band re-formed; I figured they’d already been more or less swept to the side by all the other cool crap happening then, so what was the point, really? Therefore, I’m kinda devoid of context as to where this release stands in relation to their last quarter-century of output: Is it a crushing disappointment after the masterful strokes of their last musical venture? Is it an invigorating return to form from a band who had long been thought to have lost their way? In any event, my initial impressions as a Lapsed Snuff Fan are this: 1) Holy crap, Duncan’s vocals are still the most amazingly full-blast things in the earthly history of full-blastness, 2) It still amazes me how this band can be so together, yet simultaneously sound like they’re one wobble away from tipping over, 3) As evinced by the fact that their best record, Flibbidydibbidydob, is mostly covers and advertising jingles, this band tends to do its best work when it has the seed crystal of a previously existing idea on which to sprout and mutate; “Hey, Boff!” certainly owes a debt to “She’s Got Everything” by the Kinks, but you’d really have to be a dick not to like it, and 4) I guess I should probably start paying attention to Snuff again. BEST SONG: “Hey, Boff! BEST SONG TITLE: “Kings of the Spanish Oi Scene.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Duncan is the only guy left from the lineup that stayed at my house like thirty years ago. –Rev. Nørb (Fat,

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