SNOT PUPPIES: Self-titled: 7”

I first became aware of this band when researching the 1980s band Wire Train for an interview. Kevin Hunter was a member of both groups and even went on to write a whole record with Simple Minds! He’s not on this single since, apparently, he was out of the country when this session took place. This is a vast improvement on the Killed by Death versions of two out of the three songs here, thanks to Geza X. I probably like “P.C.P.” the best but they are all entertaining. Apparently, a test pressing of fifteen copies went out that has a tape of additional songs. I pray they will be on the second single. The back cover has a cool picture of a show the band played with Middle Class and The Germs at the Whisky in 1978. If I only had a hot tub time machine. –Sean Koepenick (No Matrix,