SNFU: Better Than a Stick in the Eye: LP

Jan 26, 2021

There has been somewhat of a phenomenon in the past few years I like to call the “review loophole.” This is where, due to reissues, I get to write reviews of albums that I know and love that originally came out long before I was writing. This is a prime example. Better Than a Stick in the Eye is legendary Canadian hardcore band SNFU’s third album, originally released in 1988. While I wouldn’t say that it gets referenced as their best record as often as others, it is definitely near the top of the list. I feel that this album is the one that captures singer Mr. Chi Pig at the pinnacle of both his writing and performance. His cartoonish sense of humor blends perfectly with the pain just below the surface to create nothing short of magic. He wields words in a way that you not only hear what he is saying, but you feel it. Musically, the band was firing on all cylinders. They were a band that was constantly evolving. No two albums sound alike, yet they are unmistakably SNFU. That is a rare ability. Legend has it that when this was originally recorded, money was tight, and corners were cut which resulted in the record not getting mastered before release. My first copy was on cassette, so I didn’t notice but once I got a CD, the sound was painfully thin and low. Well here we have Chase The Glory Records coming to the rescue with a beautiful reissue with original art, stunning vinyl colors, and most importantly, mastering done by none other than Stephen Egerton! Right off the bat, it sounds so full of energy. I played it back, to back, to back singing along like the fifteen-year-old who heard it for the first time. Hell, it felt like I was hearing it for the first time! I have a feeling that these might be long gone, but a repress might be on the docket for 2021. This is essential listening! –Ty Stranglehold (Chase The Glory)