SNFU: A Blessing but with It a Curse: 12”EP

Sep 16, 2021

Did I ever expect that I would be listening to and reviewing a new SNFU record in 2021? Well, the short answer is kind of. I knew of the existence of these songs that were recorded back in the early 2000s when the band recorded their amazing In the Meantime and In Between Time album, and guitarist Marc Belke had told me of his intention to release the songs long before the untimely demise of lead singer Mr. Chi Pig a year ago. They’ve finally made their way to us rabid fans via current SNFU reissue powerhouse Chase The Glory Records. Since these tracks were recorded in the early ’00s, they showcase a very strong Chi. It brought a tear to my eye the first time I heard it. In my opinion, this was the final era where the band was firing on all cylinders and these tracks bring it all back. Add in some new guitar work from original member Brent Belke, and even the members of Propagandhi on one track, and this is a spectacular coda to the recorded output of one of the finest punk rock bands that Canada (or the world) has ever known. This is indeed a blessing, and the curse is that this is the end. –Ty Stranglehold (Chase The Glory)

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