SNAKES: Psychic Rats Demo: CS

Sep 26, 2019

This band is like bizarro crossover: a world where all the good thrashmetal bands turned into propulsive hardcore bands. It rips in every way you could possibly want it to. They could be this long-lost gem that spent the ’80s in a van opening up for Nonmeansno, Die Kreuzen, or DRI, fueling riots at City Gardens and Raul’s; but they’re a current Los Angeles band that just isn’t fucking around at all. Funneling decades of aggressive punk, Stinson-style guitar shit, and metal into a sound that makes you want to slam your head into the computer screen, or maybe that’s just me, like literally, right now as I type this. Track this tape down and join the riot. This shit is the real shit. –Daryl (Extinction Burst,, [email protected])