SMELLY CURB: DODGE, $2.50 ppd., 7” x 8½”, copied, 48 pgs.

Mar 17, 2021

Donny Humes has been documenting skateboarding in his zine Smelly Curb since 1989. In this special issue, he covers the history of Dodge Skatepark in Columbus, Ohio for its thirtieth anniversary. Donny has a personal history with the park, being employed there in its infancy. With cut and pasted articles, photos, and essays written by other skaters, it’s a proper tribute to a cool-sounding park. My greatest takeaway was how they moved pieces of the park to an indoor recreation center during the winter months. So many Midwesterners would sacrifice a goat to be able to skate indoors while it’s six degrees outside. A major skate shoe company funded the printing of this issue and you can get for the cost of shipping. So get on it. –Rick V. (

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