Jul 20, 2022

If I could describe this tape in one word, that word would be “calamitous.” Smear Campaign unleash a pounding so frenzied that it makes Void sound like Abba by comparison. At my advanced age, I did not realize that my brain was physically capable of having new holes blown through it, but this cassette left such a massive divot in my cranium that I think you could drive to Windsor, Ontario through it. Uncle already! BEST SONG: Fuck you, Smear Campaign cannot be trivialized in such a manner! BEST SONG TITLE: “On the Lamb,” because who knows what the fuck that’s all about? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The only markings on the clear cassette housing are the words “SMEAR CAMPAIGN” in purple and it looks really cool. –Rev. Nørb(Manic Mantra)

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