SMARTS: Who Needs Smarts Anyway?: LP

Jan 26, 2021

Smarts are latecomers to the new wave revival happening lately but with this album they may have just taken control of it. It’s really hard to compete with bands like C.C.T.V. and Alien Nosejob, who learned so much from predecessors such as Suburban Lawns and Devo, ultimately regurgitating the influence only to slurp it back up. Gross, yes, but effective. Smarts threw all of that in the wash and added some disco, horns, and percussion à la Madness to make the colors shine their brightest. The jacket art portrays the band in some sort of office job setting. Not sure exactly what they’re selling but if it’s anything like the songs on this album then I’ll take a case, or a bundle, or a bushel, or a pack! Just give it to me! –Juan Espinosa (Feel It,,