Dec 06, 2019

The Smart Shoppers started out as a side project/“just for fun” band from the members other bands. After a while, they realized they liked the songs they wrote a lot and should record them/keep doing this, and I’m glad they did. Smart Shoppers set out to play a birthday party, and Razorcake’s own Rev. Nørb created the flyer and joined in on bass. “What My Name Is” is a fast-paced, relatable nod to identity crisis that many have gone through. There are so many catchy riffs and the wild guest list on “Bevo Out of Bounds (At My Party)” make it sound like it might actually be a rager. The new wave-y, punk surf-y-sounding tracks are a cocktail of Devo meets The Chats in the best way. ­–Cynthia Pinedo (