Jan 21, 2022

A marvelous debut LP, Dorkwave successfully teeters the line between a joke/gimmick record and an earnest attempt at catchy hit making. Hailing from Green Bay, Smart Shoppers now includes Razorcake’s own Rev. Nørb in their lineup, credited as Norbie Shopko for his bass duties. There’s an undeniable Boris The Sprinkler influence at play, but there are also healthy drips of the Briefs and the Spits thrown in for good measure. The packaging is brilliant, too, with the back cover showcasing each song with its own Wacky Packages-styled faux product. This record is the stuff of legends, and it’s going to stand the test of time as a rare innovative prank album that delivers both on the guffaws and the musicianship. No smart record shopper will miss out on the Smart Shoppers LP! –Art Ettinger (Bulge,

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