SLUMGANG: Fermented: LP

Feb 05, 2020

Slumgang were a band of dudes, or blokes if you will, from Nottingham, England (yep, the same Nottingham that birthed one of my favorites, Napalm Death). They existed for a mere five years in the early ’90s as a means to play something different from the whirlwind thrash/hardcore of their previous bands Concrete Sox and Default. So where does a thrasher turn to for solace when they suddenly don’t have the need for blazing fast speed? Why Punk House and My Brain Hurts era Screeching Weasel of course! Sounds like it wouldn’t or shouldn’t work, but it actually fucking does! Not only are the songs as catchy and sloppy but they have the potential to fool someone into thinking they’re hearing unreleased SW demos. Apparently only three of these cuts were ever properly released as a 7” with the rest only having been available as a long lost cassette. Pairs perfectly with a twelve pack, a pizza, and you and your friends doing punk shit. –Juan Espinosa (YOFC,