SLUGS, THE: Don’t Touch Me, I’m Too Slimy!: 7”

I quite enjoyed this. They’re a two-piece from London that plays slightly sloppy slow jams, but they’re charming and have fabulous harmonies between the both of them. This band is guitar and drums only with dual vocals. Look, the drumming is off time on every song, but it doesn’t matter because the songs are good and there’s enough of a beat that you eventually stop noticing it. Yeah, I know, that sounds like a pretty weak selling point, but I’m tellin’ ya like it is. I love the way their English lilt lands in my ear and the kooky aspects of their songs. Singing along to the words “Don’t touch me / I’m too slimy” is nearly guaranteed to improve your mood. So maybe it’s not for everyone, but it clicks for me. The songs are catchy and silly. Win-win. –Kayla Greet (Related)