SLOW WOW: Beneath: 12”

Mar 20, 2018

Just four songs on this one-sided 12”, but they’re more than worth the vinyl. Slow Wow plays dark, brooding punk a little reminiscent of X, The Gun Club, or maybe 45 Grave. It’s not that anything about this is particularly twangy, or even very gothy, but something about the echoing vocals and searing guitars makes it easy to picture black dusters and lonesome highways… maybe some dusky cactus silhouettes against the desert sky? Jenn Archerd’s vocals are the highlight of this for me—in this context, the easiest comparison may be to Exene, but there’s a lot more there that I can’t quite place. Unique and powerful in such a cool way, not unlike the frontwomen of Looming and Screaming Females. I hope (and expect) to start hearing more about this band. –Indiana Laub (Carbonated Sounds,