SLOW MASS: On Watch: 12”

Sep 17, 2018

So far, my top record of 2018. I fucking love this band. It’s like they took everything good from the early 2000s and carefully stitched it together without making something incomprehensible. It’s the perfect combination of melodic and dissonant that made that era of emo/hardcore so good along with a promiscuous dedication to sound that necessitates organs, saxophones, pianos, vibraphones, and synths to really get the feel right, leaving the faint feeling of The Anniversary hanging in the air. There are moments, like the beginning of “My Violent Years,” where I feel like I’m listening to the careful but understated guitar work of a mid-career Neil Young song, but then there are songs like “Suburban Yellow” and “Oldest Youngest” that come up to the five-minute mark, using alternating vocals, gutting drum fills, and unrelenting riff repetition that remind me of Portland’s excellent Longclaw or other heavier shoegaze stuff that’s been the sort of surprising descendent of a post-Fall Out Boy reclamation of emotional music with a heavy bent. This record is great, beginning to end. Just take an hour and listen to it, you won’t be sorry. –Theresa W. (Landland,