SLOW MASS: Music for Ears Vol. 3: 7”

Sep 29, 2020

The third in the “Music for Ears” 7” series that offer more stripped-down glimpses into Slow Mass’ possibilities. I’m a sucker for basically anything this band does and this 7” is no exception. I just find everything they do to be so precise and thoughtful, music that isn’t self-conscious or concerned with performing a certain aesthetic. It goes where it goes. I saw them perform “Portals to Oakland” last time I saw them live and it was a really great moment. Mercedes stepped away from the microphone and asked folks to keep it quiet for a while so she could sing and the whole room filled with this song. It’s gorgeous and simple but captures an emotional complexity that’s deeply enviable. The second song “Sub Yellow” is a haunting, layered, and synthesized reworked version of the amazing “Suburban Yellow” from 2018’s “On Watch.” I can’t help but love everything this band does; I think it’s a fucking crying shame that more people aren’t listening to this regularly. –Theresa W. (Landland)