SLOW COOKER: Do a Kickflip: CS

Dec 06, 2019

I absolutely love me some weirdo, off-kilter, over-caffeinated garagey post-hardcore and Buffalo, New York’s Slow Cooker do not disappoint. I’d put them as sounding somewhere between Piss Test and Lenguas Largas, and to me that is a pretty good place to be. The guitars are jangling, and the vocals are yipping and crooning. At times I found myself wondering what this would sound like if I still did drugs. I’d say it would be about an eighty percent chance that I’d lock in with it and it would rule but there’s that looming twenty percent chance of freaking the fuck out. I’m not going to find out, but I can tell you that non-drugs Stranglehold one hundred percent approves of this album… So much so, I am overlooking my utter distain of cassettes. –Ty Stranglehold (Drug Party,