SLOKS: A Knife in Your Hand: CD

Jan 05, 2022

I’m not a fan of this in the slightest. The self-described “super raw power noise garage punk trio from Italy” is enough to get my attention, but then the execution is not my bag. It feels like it’s trying so hard to be spooky that they overshot the goal. The sticker on the shrink wrap also advertises “1 Slick guitar, 1 minimal Voodoo drum, and a completely insane Girl Singer that squeeze the punk out of everything.” I suppose I would agree with all of that besides the vocals. They scream more “Rob Zombie movie score” than “punk.” It’s certainly messy and noisy with a lo-fi sheen, and honestly I’d probably enjoy it with a different singer. Musically, they’re pretty good. But when she pops in with the vocal distortion and deathly screams, I’m out. It feels like a cheesy jump scare in a haunted house. You’re walking along through a bloody hospital scene with a malpractice patient on the operating table getting well creeped out just by the sights, when all of a sudden a fucked up, gore-ridden surgeon grabs your leg and that fight, flight, or freeze instinct kicks in, which ruins the buildup to the shock moment. Hell, I’d even be into this if it was purely instrumental, but not with sinister Cookie Monster on the mic. –Kayla Greet (Voodoo Rhythm)

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