SLINGSHOT #129, free, 11” x 18”, newsprint, 15 pgs.

Aug 05, 2019

Quarterly independent radical newspaper Slingshot is back with their summer issue. A really great essay includes a cover story on “sterilization in the face of climate change,” a think piece of one individual’s choice to get tubal ligation as a form of responsibility to not procreate in our current climate and instead focus on activism and bettering the world we live in. I also really enjoyed the other cover story on phone addiction in society and how it affects our brain chemistry and is essentially making us idiots in this internet age. Slingshot never falls short on eye-opening and thought provoking essays. It continues to be an essential free educational and radical newsprint. –Tricia Ramos (Slingshot, PO Box 3051, Berkeley, CA 94703)