SLINGSHOT #127, free, 11” x 17”, newsprint, 16 pgs.

Sep 26, 2018

Does it get more classic than Slingshot? The radical newspaper behind punk’s most ubiquitous daily planner celebrated its thirtieth birthday this year, and it’s clearly still going strong. As usual, this one is packed with insightful pieces on a broad range of issues. This time, major articles cover topics including the defense of forests in Northern California, the dangers facing sex workers in an increasingly hostile political climate, and ongoing activism against police violence around the States. I was also impressed by the thorough and thoughtful discussion in the “Dear Joan” advice column about how punk scenes deal with sexual assault. Everything in here is remarkably accessible in style and content, even the pieces on topics I know little to nothing about. That accessibility is exactly how Slingshot, after all these years, can be both a regular read for longtime activists and a manageable point of entry for newly minted young (or old) anarcho punx. As the jubilant editors’ note explains, the strength of the Slingshot Collective lies in the diversity of its members’ and writers’ radical imaginations—as shifting and conflicting as some of their ideas may seem, each is a strong-willed “attack on reality” in its own way. –Indiana Laub (Slingshot, PO Box 3051, Berkeley, CA 94703, [email protected])