SLINGSHOT #124, $1, 8½” x 11”, newsprint, 12pgs.

Sep 20, 2017

Always a breath of fresh air in a polluted and toxic world, Slingshot brings it with a super topical issue. An article called “Less Resist, More Exist” challenges “The Resistance” to strive for more than simply fighting the administration and fascists in the streets, encouraging focus on building the communities that we’re actually fighting for. The Right has been organizing on “division and polarization,” so Jesse D.’s article insists we “stop playing into this game by unwittingly escalating false divisions, and try to focus on unity, listening, healing, and solidarity.... If solidarity has any meaning… it doesn’t just mean solidarity with a tiny politically air-tight clique eager to give the middle finger to everyone who hasn’t learned our code language.” A perfect companion article, “I Was a Fascist,” has a former Nazi explain the valid alienation, anger, and oppression he felt and how it was manipulated by racist peckerwoods, leading him down a dark and ignorant path. He has suggestions for how the Left can reach people before being indoctrinated by human turds like Tom Metzger. The issue rounds out with stuff on fighting the Black Snake of oil and practicing communalism. Slingshot represents the way revolutionaries should be but rarely are. It avoids the lofty academic style of mags like Fifth Estate, and welcomes voices who have something to say, regardless of their skill and experience writing. Their layout is always cut and paste with crude illustration, giving off a charming and warm feel. –Craven Rock (Slingshot, PO Box 3051, Berkeley, CA 94703, [email protected])