SLICKEE BOYS, THE: Here to Stay: 7”

May 24, 2022

This is a great reissue, not only of a seminal piece of Washington D.C. punk history, but also an opportunity to hear a criminally forgotten band. The Slickee Boys were a staple of the early D.C. punk scene. In later years, the band would do annual reunions in December that were as close to attending punk church as you could get. Their repertoire was a unique fusion of power pop, punk, and raw, psychedelic ’60s riffs. The band played in a lot of directions. Their influences were broad for the punk spectrum, yet they were distinctly The Slickee Boys. Vinyl Conflict reissued this single brilliantly; it sounds and looks good. The song “Here to Stay” deserves to be considered a classic. It’s an anthemic song introducing a dramatic harmony in the opening bars and deconstructing into a mid-paced power pop chugger. “Porcelain Butter Kittens” is a jumpier, mid-paced punk number with the structure of pogo punk constructed from Back from the Grave-style guitar riffs. The Slickee Boys were in the magma of punk. Their style, sound, and look were unique, yet you only had to love rock’n’roll to get it. This single is more than recommended. You’ll want to get this and dig further. –Billups Allen (Vinyl Conflict)

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