SLICK: Self-titled: LP

Aug 23, 2016

There are a lot of bands coming from the San Francisco area using a variety of classic rock’n’roll tropes. I’m getting weary of the ones that “woo woo” as a party device. Not that I have anything directly against it, but it can get lost in the wash. Slick is tasteful. It’s a slab of punk’n’roll with the best of glam sensibilities. It’s a good record for both crowds. Are there crowds? “Dead in the Road” stands out with a catchy chorus and a solid guitar solo. “Your Band Sucks” is as funny as the title. “Telephone Tough Girl” has a rocking piano. The vocals are snotty and the album moves. There’s some Chuck Berry-style guitar chording. It isn’t afraid to be competent. It has everything I like. –Billups Allen (King Rocker)