SLAUGHTERHOUSE CHORUS, THE: … In the Name of Progress: 12”

Aug 01, 2019

This is the swansong from The Slaughterhouse Chorus, and it’s a shame to hear the band is coming to its end. I latched onto the band in 2012 and have since been a firm fan of its blend of cowpunk, Americana, and country since then. However, all good things must come to an end and The Slaughterhouse Chorus goes out on a high note, with five tracks offering a high quotient of foot-stomping fun and infectious riffs. Lyrically, the themes follow what one might expect from the genres, with tales of living paycheck to paycheck coming to the fore. Some of the guitar work reminds me of Lone Justice, a band I have loved for decades. –Rich Cocksedge (Built4BBQ, [email protected],