SLAUGHTER BOYS: Til the End of the Weak: LP

Nov 15, 2022

Think U.K. Subs, 999, and U.K. bands of that era crossed with early Social Distortion, and Eddie And The Subtitles. The guitar playing on here is so good it boggles the mind. “Bite or Prey” is a scorcher. That opening is crucial; the rest of the ride is a white knuckler. This should have been the track they opened the album with, just saying. It really sets everything on fire. “Buyer Beware,” which comes later, has that same intensity, and again, that guitar! So f’n good! “Rash” sounds like something you would hear if a Western movie was soundtracked by punk, and that piano only adds another level of insanity. “Beggin’ for Love” is another stand out, and catchier than the flu. “Meltdown” is the closer and is pretty good at summing up the mood of these bleak times. And, again, that guitar! –Matt Average (Garage Rock,

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