SLACKERS, THE: “Windowland” b/w “I Almost Lost You”: 12” Picture disc

Jan 21, 2022

Your favorite band of PhDs in ska-ology are back with a picture disc featuring translucent stained-glass art on each side. “Windowland” is jazzy with a catchy chorus and I can’t tell if it’s tongue-in-cheek or showtune-ish, but either way, it feels delivered inside quotation marks. On the B-Side, “I Almost Lost You” is the classic rocksteady/ska I associate with this band, and it’s a winner with a great groove and deft instrumentation. The Slackers are really good at faithfully recreating classic reggae sounds, and they write solid songs, but the entire execution feels more studious than inspired. I have a hard time getting amped for a band that sounds like they’ve done their homework, ya know? A for effort. – Chris Terry (

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