SLACKERS, THE: “Nobody’s Listening” b/w “Sleep Outside”: 12”

Dec 03, 2020

These NYC ska legends contributed to the quarantine creative trend with a music video for “Sleep Outside,” one of the two tracks included on this new 12” single. Third wave ska is probably second only to emo as far as subgenres that are unfairly shit on. The Slackers are about to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary, which is cause for celebration. Incidentally, if you haven’t checked out the Razorcake Ska Phase podcast, you’re missing out. In any event, you already probably know if you need this record. It’s pressed on gorgeous, showoff vinyl from Pirates Press. Three decades in, The Slackers are still kicking ass with their joyous, infectious take on the unstoppable music lovingly called ska. –Art Ettinger (Pirates Press)