SLACKERS, THE: “Kill You” b/w“Statehouse”: 12” 45

Nov 20, 2023

Being no ska aficionado, I admit that I haven’t followed the Slackers’ three-decade-plus career with any real perspicacity of vision, but I do know that they’re a talented crew and in it for the long haul, so good for them. And, while the two-song picture disc dub remix 12” 45 format doesn’t exactly come out and scream of a latent desire to communicate with the casual fan, both of these songs are actually really cool, with socially conscious lyrics, and deserve a wider audience than I would imagine they are destined to reap. “Kill You” is about guns and sounds more like ska’s 1968 grandchild, reggae, than ska proper; “Statehouse” is about Confederate flags and sounds more like reggae’s mid-’60s warmup, rocksteady. It’d be cool to see these songs getting out to the rubes; not sure the 12” 45 picture disc is the most practical vehicle for such a mission, however. Carry on regardless. BEST SONG: “Statehouse.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Kill You.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Bass trombone by Buford O’Sullivan. –Rev. Nørb (Pirate’s Press)

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