SLACKERS: Peculiar: LP

Sep 26, 2019

This reissue of 2006’s Peculiar comes with a bonus 7” of recording session content in addition to all the hepcat goodness of the original release. It’s essentially a modern ska classic with a window into the recording process. The original recording was a hybrid live/studio mix, so it’s a unique view into a unique exercise. The album is an attempt to capture all the energy of the live show and present it with the polish of a studio record and it does that masterfully. Themes of the lyrics flow effortlessly from personal to political. Songs like “Propaganda” and “International War Criminals” feel reinvigorated in their relevance in the current political zeitgeist. I suspect that this reissue is timed specifically for that to resonate with the lies, cover ups, and hypocrisies of present. –Lorien Lamarr (Pirates Press,

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