SkyTigers has apparently been around for a nearly a decade, but just released this, their debut album. With crossover and thrash at a relative zenith (see: Power Trip, Iron Reagan), the wait was probably worth it. What separates this excellent record from other crossover bands is the variety. I mean, while D.R.I. holds a deserved place in the hardcore/metal pantheon, their records are (generally speaking) singular statements of speed. SkyTigers employ the mid-tempo chug just as often as the over-caffeinated speedy insanity. With socially conscious lyrics and a punk/hardcore-style vocal delivery that marries perfectly to the thrash riffs, I’d recommend this slab to anyone who digs a little metal in their punk or punk in their metal. They also win song title of the month: “Keep Christ in Christmas (And out of Rock’n’Roll).” –Chad Williams (Sound Investment,