Skyline - illustration by Chris Resnick

SKYLINE #1, $7, 8½” x 7” black and white, stapled, 44 pgs.

Jul 20, 2022

Autobiographical comics by Chris Resnick about growing up during the eighties/nineties in a trailer park in rural Indiana. Young Chris witnesses a trailer catch on fire, gets pounded by a school bus bully, and explores the woods with his friends. There is a sweet story where Chris and his friends find an ancient baseball diamond in the middle of the woods and hung out there all day. This comic makes you nostalgic for childhood summer times where your only priority was to be home on time. The artwork style features very simple character drawings with very detailed backgrounds. All the coloring looks like it’s done with toner markers. You always gotta give props to folks who color with markers. –Rick V. (