SKUNKY BEAUMONT: OUR STUPID BAND, $8, 5½” x 8½”, glossy, 40 pgs.

Charming zine about a guy’s high school punk band. Funny, thoughtful, well written, and a nice snapshot of what DIY punk was like in the ’90s and early ’00s. They played a lot of local shows, there were always endless obstacles in the way of getting a solid recording, and they made demos and handed them out for free or sold them for a buck or two. And that was it. It was a fun band and little more, and the author makes no bones about it. There’s no loftiness or grand scope—it was just a fun, dorky thing to do with his friends, many of whom are still his friends today. Includes a lot of great graphics and a lengthy section on the other local bands mentioned. Clearly a labor of love, and the band’s output is still up for free on Bandcamp if you want to sing along. I really dig projects like this. –Keith Rosson (